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Individual Business
   I have read and agree to the terms of Monthly Parking Agreement

1) Parking space is available only during the hours purchased for this specific facility. The monthly tag can not be used at any other Park One facility.

2) Monthly parking fees are payable in advance on the first of each month (payable to Park One, Inc.). Failure to make payment by the fifth (5th) of the month shall result in a ten dollar ($10) late charge and possible termination of monthly privileges.

3) Parking shall be granted on a non-reserved stall basis. Monthly parking is a reduced rate privilege that does not guarantee the availability of space every day, although every effort will be made to accommodate parking.

4) The monthly parking identification tag (one tag per space rented) supplied by Park One, must be displayed in front of the windshield at all times while parking at the facility. Daily parking rates may be changed when the tag is not in view on the vehicle.

5) If Monthly Parker (i) fails to pay any monthly parking fee when due, (ii) fails to pay any additional charge imposed under this Agreement within ten (10) days after being billed or (iii) violates this Agreement in any other respect, Park One may immediately terminate all parking privileges.

6) Monthly parking fees are established by Park One and are subject to change.

7) Parking privileges may not be transferred, assigned or sold.

8) The parking facility may not be used for storage of vehicles or other equipment. Any vehicle or equipment remaining at the facility for more than thirty (30) calendar days shall be deemed abandoned and may be removed from the facility. Park One and the facility owner shall not have any liability to any person for loss or damage on account of such removal. All costs incurred in removing and storing any such abandoned vehicle or equipment shall be reimbursed by the Monthly Parker.

9) Return checks shall be charged a minimum of twenty-five dollars ($25).

10) Lost tags shall be charged ten dollars ($10) and shall be payable prior to tag replacement.

11) Refunds, whole or partial, will not be made at any time.

12) Park One nor the facility owner, nor their respective officers, directors, beneficiaries, agents, employees, successors and assigns, shall be responsible or liable to any extent for (i) damage to or theft of any vehicle or its contents due to fire, collision, vandalism or any other cause, or (ii) injuries or liabilities suffered by any person while using the facility.

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